Monday, 22 April 2013

Gary James and intimidation.

 Let's cut to the chase...Gary James and Tracy Fernandez would like you to know that Nicole is John Willard! They have been trying for nearly a month now to leak the news and to get members of the survivor page outraged, upset and divided. They went as far as creating a fake profile to release news to the public. They have tried posting it on the survivor page but Facebook spammed the comment. And being 2 such trustworthy individuals I just had to share the news!! After all, Tracy knows all about using fake profiles to enter rafflecopters. She was having a little identity crisis herself not so long ago! So everything they say must be true...mustn't it?

Sadly Gary and his terrier have been going after Nicole for quite some time and quite a few of us know about it. I have tried to ignore his grade school behaviours. But now he has even chased her away from the community because of his harassment of her. But we also know of Gary James weird desire to creep peoples facebook profiles and control them also. Just today he lured people into friending his facebook profile after banning people for months by offering gifts. Seems innocent enough but not to those of us who have been around him forever and have seen how he works.

But back to Nicole. On the 7th of April Gary and Tracy created a Facebook profile

If you can be bothered to have a look at this rather creepy profile you'll notice in pig Latin an accusation about a former iHelp sn child feature member fundraising again for an iPad. Personally I have no issue with this and I am a former iHelp admin myself.  IPads break all the time and are not covered by warranties. And it has nothing to do with iHelp. I cannot tell the future and nor am I interested in knowing who it is.

Then he moves onto Nicole and accuses her of being John Willard. He seems rather fixated on it...almost obsessive. He provides his rather interesting proof. And here i was thinking only the North Koreans were into photo shop!!

But this is how I see it. The only thing Nicol is guilty of, IF she is responsible for the John Willard profile, is gross stupidity. Nothing more, nothing less. This profile, as far as I know did not win any rafflecopters or competitions so no fraudulent activity has occurred. However, whilst we are on the subject of FRAUD, Tracy Fernandez's fake profile DID win a rafflecopter. Now using Gary's logic that was a serious fraudulent event!! the police and arrest that girl. Someone contact the authorities!!!

But seriously...if you are sure a person is trying to defraud your community, just don't let him/her win (we all know he controls who wins anyway so it would be no big thing for him to do!) and if she/he does win, contact the authorities and let them deal with it. This is how a NORMAL human being acts. But this is not how Gary James acts. He likes being a bit of a drama queen.

Since the survivor page on Facebook became a reality in January 2013 we have been faced with his fake profiles constantly trying to make trouble for us.  Gary James is desperate to get the page shut down as Survivors has provided a public forum where the truth will not be deleted.

For example, a couple of weeks ago I announced a banner competition for our page as we don't want to get closed down again for having a copyrighted image as our banner...  (thanks Tracy Fernandez for the heads up ) So, as the day went on, people commented about what they wanted in a banner etc.

Then the disgusting behaviour of Gary James and Tracy Fernandez began. Using 2 fake profiles, Sarah Anderson and an Amanda Kelly. Sarah claimed to be a long time supporter of the page blah blah but we knew she wasn't. The private group info gave it away. There is no COMMUNITY secret page anymore since it was closed down by Facebook. So here is what went on on the:


This was originally posted on the 7th of April (aussie time)...approx 6th April EST USA

Here is the link to the whole conversation minus Amanda's and Sara's. The above is what is missing.

Above you can see a wonderful example of Gary James's intimidation tatics.

He mentions B*****e Special school which is where Fiona Allen works. Fiona Allen is a current survivor member and an ex A4cwsn admin. Notice the comment above by 'Sarah Anderson" ...the one concerning those of us on the survivor page who work with kids, that we should watch out because we could lose it all for belonging to the survivor page.

That is a threat to call up peoples places of employment and cause trouble for them. Gary James has done it before and will not hesitate to do it again.

But there is nothing wrong about belonging to an abuse support page and that is exactly what A4 survivors is. Isn't freedom of speech one of those things upheld in the States! Perhaps Gary James missed that one in Citizenship classes.

Sadly I have no idea who works at the Autism Society of America, San Diego but I can guarantee it is someone who likes our page. I have emailed them anyway. I suggest that you all contact your places of employment and tell them about this lunatic and his little side kick Tracy Fernandez.

So now you may be asking how do I know this is all about Gary James and Tracy Fernadez. How do I know for certain it is them that set up the alters and attacked our page. Firstly Gary James is one of the few people aware that Fiona worked at Belmore. It is not mentioned on her profile at all.

Secondly, the other day I had quite a few people contact me when they saw this is their newsfeed. Gary and Tracy  obviously did not realise that they were posting in Gary James's personal profile and not in his secret group.  Tracy tried to delete her post but it was spotted before it was gone. People were disgusted with his and Tracy's less than professional behaviors and forwarded screenshots to me so I could show everyone how these 2 have been acting.

This post by the SLP was posted on 12thApril (aussie time) and this is from a stalker feed screenshot so the Gary James one was from around the same time.  I should point out the SLP has nothing to do with Gary James behaviors but has only been pointed out to date the screenshot :)

The above post was 5 days after they posted on the survivor page and the 2 fake profiles, Sarah Anderson and Amanda Kelly, were banned from the survivor page.

Gary James is the master of intimidation. Hell he tried it with Market America so everyone else is fair game!! Just in case you want to check out that case I have included the link below :) He even tried the good old intimidation tatic when A4 survivors was very new. He posted that the 26 names of the the members of the survivor page were known and given over to the survivor page.

So there you have it. As far as I am concern Nicole is more than welcome on the survivor page. I am not judge jury and executioner and never will be. If Gary James was a normal business man then neither would he.

CFN #2008 R 208476
CFN #2008 R 753028
CFN #2008 R 922057
CFN #2010 R 142736


  1. Sweet! A giant douche and a turd sandwich.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for addressing the issue with my sister "being" John Willard. Unfortunately for Gary, the voices in his head have misguided him yet again, and he uncovered no conspiracy to commit "rafflecopter perjury." My sister is not and never was John Willard. Yes, they happen to live in the same state, and that is where the commonality ends. John Willard is a very real person, with feelings, and really did lose his wife to Cancer. Sadly, all Gary revealed is what a giant Asshole he really is...oh, and that he detective skills are severely lacking. Gary sent an email to both my sister and me, threatening to contact the authorities if my sister could not clear up the whole issue with John Willard...and I say CONTACT AWAY!!! Gary you are the one who will have egg on your face!!! To the Survivor page, thank you for doing what you are is a service to the SN community and I will always see it as such. I cannot (will not this time) speak for my sister, but I have chosen to step back from the community and will be enjoying a Gary/drama free life. Hugs and love to all.

  3. Thank you Brandi for commenting here. We will miss you and your sister on the survivor page. You are both welcome back anytime!