Thursday, 28 February 2013

More lies and mistruths.

 I will divide this up as it can get very confusing!! This week he made the following statements. See below for the screenshots of the claims:

  • A4cwsn is about to become an LLC

  • A4cwsn was never a business in 2011

  • A4cwsn is not a non profit, it never was.

A4cwsn as a LLC!  The funny thing is that he was telling the same story back in December of 2011. It was raised in the post where he claimed the Sunsuper grant was a scam.  I guess it takes a long time to organize an LLC just like VSP and the 501(c)(3).  I have posted a screenshot of that particular comment below for your convenience. A lot of you probably cannot remember it or would have forgotten soon after he announced it. This is what he is hoping for. If anyone needs to see the full thread I will post it below next week.

 So now it's time to look at A4cwsn as a company/business in 2011. He had a lot of people confused about this because in many articles  from 2011 you can find him described as a company or a business.
  He goes on and adds a disclaimer at the bottom that it is not his problem that people assumed that he was a business when he wasn't. Very convenient.
This in reference to A4cwsn and N4cwsn
There is also a mention of A4cwsn as a company formed in January 2011 in the interview by News8. I can guarantee he viewed it before it's release as he has a paranoia about reporters and what they will say about him. Yet he did not correct the mistake.

Also read
Washington Daily News Published 1:21am Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From September 2011 (this link refers to him as both a non profit and a company)

A4cwsn as a non profit what about A4cwsn never being described as a non profit. Sorry caught with your pants down yet again Gary James. Please check out the screenshot below.
It shows Gary James announcing sometime in 2011. I can't date this screenshot but note that timeline does not exist and the Classy awards from around July 2011 and the announcement of the 500 ipads in 100 schools. So my guess this is about July 2011. In it he quite clearly states that A4CWSN is a registered non profit!!
Courtesy of:

 Also look at:
Roseville Patch  August 15, 2011

 My personal favorite!! Vsp being announced as a non profit in 2011 despite paperwork not being submitted until January 2012 (the CT certificate of charity) and the 501(c)(3) in April 2012( yet to be approved)
For some people it will never be enough to prove that he is a liar. They cannot see beyond the iPads he is giving out. But if you put that aside and stop believing that his opponents have sour grapes about not receiving iPads from him, you will see what we have beeen saying all along. Something is very wrong over at A4cwsn.

Please check out this blog also:

 Also look at this blog post:

Apps for children with special needs A4cwsn Very Special People VSP Gary James Gary Dominic James Oxford Connecticut  iPad giveaways free ipads special ed special education IEP scam

Where did the missing money go??

This claim below is from December 2011.

This claim below is from December 2012 in a blogpost as the  #five of mobilitymovers2012. The post has since being removed but the screenshot of the full post can be found here:

Yet in 2011 and up to January 2012 the A4cwsn community had donated around $47,792 that is readily documented. There were many instances where families said they handed him cash or donated directly to him rather than through the fundraisers. That cannot be documented and he has refused anyone to look at his financials since 2011.
He claimed also  that $30,000 was donated by app developers by september 2011. (see for the twitter screenshot and links to the fundraisers.etc)

Over 34+ ipads were donated by app developers/ anonymous donors etc (all these are searchable by looking at the google doc #1 and the corresponding page #2)

So all up you have $77,792 ($47,792 + $30,000)  in donations which could have bought over 155 16gb wifi only ipads.
Then you have the 34 + donated ipads  donated up until January 2012. So that is 189 iPads. 
So why does he claim that just after xmas 2011 he had to donate $30,000 of his own money in order to pay for the 50 ipads for the 50/50/50 tour!

Something does not add up. We have provided the evidence despite what he claims. All you have to do is look up the individual donations on the google documents and the corresponding pages of the A4cwsn posts in the links below to find evidence of each donation.

It is a smack in the face of the special needs community  and the app developers for him to claim that all of the iPads have been paid by him, his wife and his business. The money came out of the pockets of mostly struggling special needs families.



Posting strictly confidential information on the internet.

 SO today Gary James made a spectacle of himself yet again posting the details of what seemed to be a generous donation offer. One of which he would never have been able to pull off since he doesn't provide his financials to anyone. He paints it as a scam providing so called proof in the vimeo video and blames the whole A4cwsn survivor community.

I am not here to prove this Francine Oliver exists or not. Personally I think she is a fake and this is one of the reasons I initially avoided posting on the survivor page, despite being in receipt of the email for one day. It reeked of fake and scam and I honestly thought it was Gary James's handy work. So when he brought it up on A4cwsn I admitted receiving the email which came with the following message:

"Please share this with your followers.  I have spent the past few hours looking at his Facebook page, I am quite relieved that he did not send me the information I requested.  As soon as we get my mother's estate settled, I will be sending money to the other groups.  I know they are true charities and do indeed support children."


So whether it is real or not is not what I am focusing on. I have seen Gary James in action before and know what he is capable of. But what worries me is that he has POSTED yet again on facebook someones PERSONAL information. Even if she is responsible for the Francine Oliver donation email, the fact remains he grabbed this information from an iPad application  and displayed it all over facebook. With an address and an ip address anyone can find out where she lives :(

Again, I am having another sense of Déjà vu.

The iPad application plainly says that all information will be confidential which is obviously not the case. So if I was Bea Hall I would be hauling my backside to a lawyer or at least putting in a complaint with the Connecticut Attorney General.

Screenshot of the information from the vimeo  posted on facebook.


The address of Beatrice Hall plastered all over A4cwsn.

Please note that he claims all information will be kept STRICTLY confidential.

Apps for children with special needs A4cwsn Very Special People VSP Gary James Gary Dominic James Oxford Connecticut  iPad giveaways free ipads special ed special education IEP scam

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

That List!! A snapshot of A4cwsn in December 2011

Back in late December 2011, just after xmas, Gary James decided to post  the names of people in a list, people A4cwsn members should watch out for.  A list of troublemakers and scammers!
Below is a snap shot of the drama that happened on that day! I never thought I would say this but I think I love facebook 's timeline. Remember the bad old days when admin posts and likers posts  were piled one on the top of each other and  the most recent was first?? You need to read the posts screenshotted below from the bottom!! 
The drama starts with Gary James going off about the Sunsuper Dreams Grant contest and how it was a scam and there is no way they will win! A4cwsn's opponents were winning and naturally the haters were pointed out as the villains, somehow rigging the votes! In reality the overseas based charity that was set to benefit from the grant was buying votes in Nepal.
Gary James asked everyone to stop voting and instead sets up a fundraiser which ultimately raises $4080 

This is the fundraiser where he raises $4080 and  donates 6 iPads @$499 each to the Aussie/Nz community = $2994!!

Then he moves on, makes the usual claims, how he family at this point has put in over $30,000 of their own funds to give away iPads. (please read about the financials raised up to this point. This post should include the total of iPads donated to the 50/50/50  campaign and the moneys raised up until January! 

Then in true Gary James style he lists a group of people that all a4cwsn members should avoid! It's a very strange post as clearly it is a list he has written up but seems to imply that it was from an email Tiffany sent out. I should point out that no email exists.

 I love his claims that he has hundreds of PRIVATE messages and emails showing the communication between those on the list! If that is truly the case I would ask how can that be? With claims like this it is certainly understandable why he has been accused of hacking!

But as you read the post I would imagine the average A4cwsn member would be thinking - what a greedy bunch of people!! Wow a Lara and a Jason got 4 iPads!! Again this is where utter BS fails to come anywhere near reality. 

Lara and her husband Jason were behind the iCheer fundraiser which raised around $10,000. The 2 iPads handed to them were because of their involvement. Their daughter is special needs also.

Tammy Hadley...did she ever receive the $200 at that point in December 2011? In her words 
"NO That is what I so called, won... not received. There is a big difference in winning and receiving"

Check out Katie Bryant...she got an iPad as well. She also donated $650 to A4cwsn. One person even suggested she give the iPad back! Sound familiar??

Our dear Lois! Lois donated 3 ipads and around $2500! One of the iPads she donated for struggling special needs parents was given to his lawyer! Later he claimed she owed him as he 'presented' at Lois's child's school. Apparently he charges $600 and hour. But I have seen the email asking him if he could swing by and say hi at the school during the 50/50/50 tour. There was no discussion of money...just a cheery "Lois, you have a deal, it would be my pleasure :)" later he claimed the  lawyer was never given an iPad!

Deanne, Cynthia, Veronika and Teriann...all ex admins who worked off their proverbial backsides making A4cwsn what it was! Check out his thanks here.

Tiffany received an iPad 1 that was donated by another A4 member and that member paid for the shipping and Tiffany paid the customs into Canada! He had nothing to do with her iPad!

The rest of the names listed were hard core A4cwsn supporters!We donated and spread the word :( If I have missed mentioning other key players and their function from the list I apologize!

Every time on that day when the list disappeared he reposted it!  He wanted it to stay up and be seen. I personally don't remember reporting that particular post myself at the time so he was probably the one making it appear and disappear for the dramatic effect! Admin posts take longer to make disappear. THEY CANNOT BE SPAMMED! After all he already had it ready to paste back up. But if someone remembers complaining to FB at the time please let me know.

Little did he know that most of these women have been watching and collecting the evidence  and passing it onto real authorities ever since ! Never scam a special needs mom or dad!

Gary James of A4cwsn  is a man that thrives on the dramatic! He proved it all through 2011 and again in 2012...2013 has proved to be no different. No doubt he will contact the authorities to get this post removed!

Now remember to read the thread from the bottom to the top. No cheating or it will make absolutely no sense. :) Oh...and he really does care about numbers, A4cwsn never became an LLC, and he never donated the $1,000 to the Australian campaign, no anti A4 emails and PM were ever posted by him either as proof of our misdeeds despite his promise to do so. As we would say in Australia "he is all piss and wind!" !



Monday, 25 February 2013

Why the A4cwsn survivors page was formed Now?

The first round of people blocked and banned happened in late 2011. They were made up of a mixture of Admin and very active A4 members. Back in January 2012 some of us were even publicly named and shamed by Gary James (but more on that later!!) So why now after months of bullying and scamming. Why not stay in the shadows, just writing blogs and sending in the evidence to the Attorney General's investigator?

I am including the post on A4cwsn (which naturally has been deleted) to explain why NOW! Why bring it all out into the open on the A4cwsn survivor page??!

It all started out as a normal day. Then he chose to do a chipin for a poor 'struggling mom' so she could work at home. So very noble. But along the ways he made chiding remarks about people not donating. How about using  a dollar less gas, stop babyTv for a month, eat less etc etc etc. Then he complained about people being here just for the free stuff. On and on it went. People were donating their last $2 yet hardly had any food to put on the table. Gary James has no concept of the word STRUGGLE! He likes you to think he does but you tell me. Those of you who struggle to pay the mortgage each month or pay the many of you jetset off to the UK or NZ??

How can sensible normal thinking human beings sit back and watch what was going on over at A4cwsn and stay silent? Read the thread from A4cwsn (8th of January...ignore the date on the screenshot) and you be the judge. And ask this normal behavior??


Look how he reacts when someone publicly calls him out!

But who is this struggling young mother? Again he has no concept of the term struggling! She is the self employed owner of a design company "Fernandez Design specializes in advertising design, educational publishing, and has also worked on national and international branding identities, annual reports and website design. Recent work includes graphic design for theaters, arts organization and non-profits across the United States. Over my career, I have earned more than 30 International Design Awards and recognitions for my graphic design work."

When this was all brought up on the survivor page Gary tried explaining away on A4cwsn that she has been struggling since her divorce and subsequent move from Chicago where she was super successful, to Georgia where she is struggling and only earning 10% of what she earnt previously. He made it sound like a recent separation but it is not. She was living in Georgia at least 2 years ago when her youngest was 3. Her child by her own admission is about to turn 5. Yet this struggling mom was able to afford to pay a live in babysitter $150 a week including room and board and the promise of holiday work if interested  when her youngest was 3!! Again, how many of you real and genuinely struggling single moms are able to do that!? (see screenshot below) Also note that the 3 year old child is not even  as having ASD. That is the one thing on a babysitting advertisement  that most parents of special needs children  point out to potential babysitters.

 This is a woman who was responsible for all of Gary James' design work. The more sensible option rather than making the community pay for a state of the art computer via chipin was for him to buy it himself and write it off in taxes or simply pay her for her design work directly!! Yet when the chipin reached 100% he allowed people to still donate. We have no proof that a new computer worth anywhere near the total (plus the $500 Gary James promised to donate directly) because all we saw was a box of a computer.  Please note that rather than have the funds go directly to Gary he has set up the chipin so that all the monies went straight to Gary James's account. I have no doubt he is taking the tax route using donated funds!!

This is what happens when the community realize that Tracy Fernadez is not quite what she seems. And note what she has to say herself concerning her business when people point out that she has a business, employees etc. I have highlighted it for your convenience!

The website is from when she lived in Chicago and has not been updated in years! Well let me tell you that is an outright lie. But don't take my word for it! All you need to do is check out the website itself and you'll see that it was actually copyrighted  in 2012. Some of the samples of work is also from 2012 when she lived in Georgia not Chicago (down the bottom of the screen) I have screenshots so don't bother removing that information Tracy :)

Next comes Gary James' usual tatic when he knows he has been caught out. Paint the detractors as haters and terrible people. Again...nothing ever came of the so called investigations because it probably never ever happened! The contact details in question are easily findable on the contact page of the website which he posted on his own page. Those things that make you go hmmmm!


So this is why the survivor page existes today! We say enough is enough! 


I am adding this interesting post script here as 'evidence' that our struggling single mom is not as poor as she was made out to be.

One month after having a $2,000 iMac donated by the A4cwsn community Tracy Fernandez  sponsored an iPad giveaway on the Dandelion moms. How many struggling moms can do that?? And don't forget also that this same lady was given an iPad by the A4cwsn community  just before the chipin. And who won the Dandelion Moms iPad ??Her best friend of course. I don't know if this is common knowledge, but it is very easy to manipulate a rafflecopter competition to get the winner you require.