Sunday, 24 February 2013

What have you done personally and financially to help others...

This is one of the posts I removed from the survivors page. I had to so  that I would not get the suspension Facebook offered me after Mr James and company complained that the screenshots "violated facebook's statement of right and responsibilities." It's a good thing tatic to use when you don't want the truth etc to be revealed. To bad he forgot that we will not be silenced.

I have not removed the names of those of us who posted as in this case I see no reason to. It was previously on an open forum on the A4cwsn Survivors page.

 Gary James likes to insinuate that people who are against A4cwsn are against the special needs community, that they do not help in anyway. Whilst none of us on the survivor page believe it is any of your business we are great believers in the TRUTH. So when Gary James asked us  "What have you done personally and financially to help others..." we answered!!



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