Thursday, 28 February 2013

Posting strictly confidential information on the internet.

 SO today Gary James made a spectacle of himself yet again posting the details of what seemed to be a generous donation offer. One of which he would never have been able to pull off since he doesn't provide his financials to anyone. He paints it as a scam providing so called proof in the vimeo video and blames the whole A4cwsn survivor community.

I am not here to prove this Francine Oliver exists or not. Personally I think she is a fake and this is one of the reasons I initially avoided posting on the survivor page, despite being in receipt of the email for one day. It reeked of fake and scam and I honestly thought it was Gary James's handy work. So when he brought it up on A4cwsn I admitted receiving the email which came with the following message:

"Please share this with your followers.  I have spent the past few hours looking at his Facebook page, I am quite relieved that he did not send me the information I requested.  As soon as we get my mother's estate settled, I will be sending money to the other groups.  I know they are true charities and do indeed support children."


So whether it is real or not is not what I am focusing on. I have seen Gary James in action before and know what he is capable of. But what worries me is that he has POSTED yet again on facebook someones PERSONAL information. Even if she is responsible for the Francine Oliver donation email, the fact remains he grabbed this information from an iPad application  and displayed it all over facebook. With an address and an ip address anyone can find out where she lives :(

Again, I am having another sense of Déjà vu.

The iPad application plainly says that all information will be confidential which is obviously not the case. So if I was Bea Hall I would be hauling my backside to a lawyer or at least putting in a complaint with the Connecticut Attorney General.

Screenshot of the information from the vimeo  posted on facebook.


The address of Beatrice Hall plastered all over A4cwsn.

Please note that he claims all information will be kept STRICTLY confidential.

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