Sunday, 17 February 2013

That non existant subscription email....

Recently, to gain more income he had this brilliant idea of a paid email service:
 "...I have set up an email that anyone can subscribe to and which will be sent every 2 weeks. There is a subscription cost of $1 a month for this email and we have set up payment for either 3 months or 12 months...." 
So what do you get for this wonderful subscription based email??? Well apparently not that much (nothing actually). So it comes as no surprise that he was not able to offer up a sample email to an interested A4er.... We recommend that if you have subscribed to this non existent newsletter that you contact the Ag of Ct's office and file a complaint. You should also know that until you stop your payments, the payments are automatically garnished from your account. $12 may not see like much money but of you have 1000 signed up per year that is a nice chunk of pocket change he is earning per year which he has no rights to.  (this is the current link to the subscription email.)

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