Thursday, 28 February 2013

More lies and mistruths.

 I will divide this up as it can get very confusing!! This week he made the following statements. See below for the screenshots of the claims:

  • A4cwsn is about to become an LLC

  • A4cwsn was never a business in 2011

  • A4cwsn is not a non profit, it never was.

A4cwsn as a LLC!  The funny thing is that he was telling the same story back in December of 2011. It was raised in the post where he claimed the Sunsuper grant was a scam.  I guess it takes a long time to organize an LLC just like VSP and the 501(c)(3).  I have posted a screenshot of that particular comment below for your convenience. A lot of you probably cannot remember it or would have forgotten soon after he announced it. This is what he is hoping for. If anyone needs to see the full thread I will post it below next week.

 So now it's time to look at A4cwsn as a company/business in 2011. He had a lot of people confused about this because in many articles  from 2011 you can find him described as a company or a business.
  He goes on and adds a disclaimer at the bottom that it is not his problem that people assumed that he was a business when he wasn't. Very convenient.
This in reference to A4cwsn and N4cwsn
There is also a mention of A4cwsn as a company formed in January 2011 in the interview by News8. I can guarantee he viewed it before it's release as he has a paranoia about reporters and what they will say about him. Yet he did not correct the mistake.

Also read
Washington Daily News Published 1:21am Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From September 2011 (this link refers to him as both a non profit and a company)

A4cwsn as a non profit what about A4cwsn never being described as a non profit. Sorry caught with your pants down yet again Gary James. Please check out the screenshot below.
It shows Gary James announcing sometime in 2011. I can't date this screenshot but note that timeline does not exist and the Classy awards from around July 2011 and the announcement of the 500 ipads in 100 schools. So my guess this is about July 2011. In it he quite clearly states that A4CWSN is a registered non profit!!
Courtesy of:

 Also look at:
Roseville Patch  August 15, 2011

 My personal favorite!! Vsp being announced as a non profit in 2011 despite paperwork not being submitted until January 2012 (the CT certificate of charity) and the 501(c)(3) in April 2012( yet to be approved)
For some people it will never be enough to prove that he is a liar. They cannot see beyond the iPads he is giving out. But if you put that aside and stop believing that his opponents have sour grapes about not receiving iPads from him, you will see what we have beeen saying all along. Something is very wrong over at A4cwsn.

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  1. Very informative blog as usual. Thank you for continuing to shine the light on this scam artist!