Monday, 18 February 2013

Fundraiser link/ financials. The BORING but revealing stuff!

 I always find it disturbing when someone claims to have done something or paid for something when they really haven't!! As you can see from all the links below quite a bit of money was donated to he A4cwsn community by the community members themselves and app developers. For the Australian fundraiser (the one he set up after claiming the Sunsuper Grant was a scam) he promised he would add an extra $1000! (see post above) The sum total he donated to this fundraiser was $153. So not only did he lie, after forking out the cash for 6 iPads (6 x $499) he kept just over a thousand for himself and never donated the full $1000 he said he would! (see my previous post for the sunsuper totals.) I am not a math genius and I can see that it just does not add up!! Yet he has the Chutzpah to pretend and lie that he. his wife and his business paid for all the iPads etc (see the screenshot above!)
Thankfully, when they company who awarded him the #5  mover and shaker title of 2012 realized what a scam artist he was, the removed his name from the list and took down the post! Kudos to them!


$6,145   ENDED:October 10th, 2011

  ENDED:October 10th, 2011

$6,407   ENDED:June 14th, 2011

$4,080 ENDED  February 1st, 2012

$1,019   February 1st, 2012

$??    xmas card $1 fundraiser  (would not release the amount raised from this fundraiser.
$??    Bestbuy credit for the Emelee iPad fundraiser.

$9600   iCheer$9600

$5,000   sunsuper Australia (competition)

New revised total of donations MINUS the $30,000 app developer donation twitter claim


total INCLUDING  the $30,000

The total does not reflect the cash in hand donations made to him on his road trip during the 50/50/50 campaign/ Gas for Gary
The total does not reflect the donation of iPads, iPods,  Apps, and iPad accessories, and other electrical devices donated to the special needs community. from 2011-2013
The total does not reflect the chipins created during 2012/13 for trisonomy and individual community chipins and the fundraiser for the iMac for Tracy Fernandez
This total does not reflect the donations made directly to his paypal account/cash in hand after the 50/50/50 and personal checks. We have no way of adding those titles up as he has refused to be transparent over the years.
The total does not include the iPads donated for the 40/40/40 campaign in 2012

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