Thursday, 28 February 2013

Where did the missing money go??

This claim below is from December 2011.

This claim below is from December 2012 in a blogpost as the  #five of mobilitymovers2012. The post has since being removed but the screenshot of the full post can be found here:

Yet in 2011 and up to January 2012 the A4cwsn community had donated around $47,792 that is readily documented. There were many instances where families said they handed him cash or donated directly to him rather than through the fundraisers. That cannot be documented and he has refused anyone to look at his financials since 2011.
He claimed also  that $30,000 was donated by app developers by september 2011. (see for the twitter screenshot and links to the fundraisers.etc)

Over 34+ ipads were donated by app developers/ anonymous donors etc (all these are searchable by looking at the google doc #1 and the corresponding page #2)

So all up you have $77,792 ($47,792 + $30,000)  in donations which could have bought over 155 16gb wifi only ipads.
Then you have the 34 + donated ipads  donated up until January 2012. So that is 189 iPads. 
So why does he claim that just after xmas 2011 he had to donate $30,000 of his own money in order to pay for the 50 ipads for the 50/50/50 tour!

Something does not add up. We have provided the evidence despite what he claims. All you have to do is look up the individual donations on the google documents and the corresponding pages of the A4cwsn posts in the links below to find evidence of each donation.

It is a smack in the face of the special needs community  and the app developers for him to claim that all of the iPads have been paid by him, his wife and his business. The money came out of the pockets of mostly struggling special needs families.



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