Thursday, 7 March 2013

Big Brother Brian and VSP INC

 If you were around in early February you might have noticed Gary James announcing the arrival of big Brother Brian James, the ex CEO of the Rotherham Trust NHS in the UK. There was no fanfare in Gary style like there usually is....One day during posting he mentioned this:

Fanfare please...after all it has been some years apparently since Brian James has visited the fair Isles of the Americas. And of course what do you do when you haven't seen for years?? Touring, hanging out, show him off to family and friends, quality family time!! Really...that's what I would do but apparently he is in the US to plot and scheme about the future of A4cwsn. Quality family time apparently = working out the future of A4cwsn! Still waiting for the family photos which usually are posted around events like this. We got photos of snow and a man in a furry coat  but no Brian :(

Now we all know that in 2011 it was announced that Brian James was to be the brains behind Gary's new baby VSP INC which was meant to be the 501(c)(3). For the interest of consistency I will include the screenshot and the link to the conversation from Facebook concerning A4cwsns first board meeting! take some time to have a read. It is quite interesting to read. Because I have the link I have decided not to cover the name of Gary's lawyer. Gary wanted his mother on the board also but was quickly told it might look like too many family members were involved, so Jessica was added in.

 Now Brian, been the busy retiree that he is, only stayed from February 4th (pm) until Monday the 10th (PM)    (Ignore my time stamps...The screenshot were done in Australia and we are a day ahead)

 The one thing that bugged me about these posts was that there was  a lot of talk about A4cwsn's future but poor little  VSP INC seems to have been ignored! Now we know that the 501(c)(3) has yet to be issued and it will be a full year since it was applied for very soon. He tried to tell us it was his choice, that he was puting a halt to the 501(c)(3) status. 
Interestingly enough, I was told that Very Special Peoples status as a charity has now expired. So I took a peek. And wow. Yes it has!

Now gary James was going to announce something about VSP but decided to hold it of until the first of March.(see post below)

Conveniently he flew off to the old country on the 1st of March! But before he left he reminded us of VSP's status. Just didn't tell us what he was going to announce on the 1st of March!!

The next day VSP ceased to exist as an entity. It no longer had it's certificate of Charitable Organization! (ignore the time stamp on the post. it should be the just happened to be the 28th in Australia)

So, onto Brian James, one of the most successful CEO of a large European Establishment. I have a feeling the kind Folk of the The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust might not quite agree with that description. Actually one not so mainstream English online rag had this to say:

"One 'fat pig' is Brian James, the Rotherham NHS Trust chief executive on a £250,000 a year salary who recently announced the downsizing of the local hospital with the loss of 20% of the entire staff.
He's now announced he's retiring, no doubt with a fat pay-off, leaving 3,000 staff not knowing whether they will even have a job after Christmas."

The irony that he is called  a PIG!

also this
"... The unions have blamed one individual, Brian James, for incurring the massive debt built up by the trust. There is no doubt that bad management is involved in the hospital’s financial problems, but the reality is Rotherham’s Trust is facing exactly the same problems as every hospital in Britain, as proven by the recent Francis report on Stafford Hospital..."

It is intersting that Brian James, despite being on the board of very special People INC,  DOES NOT include it as one of his lifes achievements on his linkedin account.

Now after all that, I am beginning to wonder if Brian James's visit was as fake as Gary's to the UK?!
My interest was peeked when I realized that all the posts between the second of February 2013 and february 16 have been hidden from the timeline. I say hidden and not deleted because the snow photos still exist via the photos but not the timeline. I have provided a screenshot below  of the missing chunk of posts. i got the same result on 3 browsers.

My only question is what is he up to? Why fake a visit to the UK, why possibly fake a visit by his brother? Why lead the A4cwsn community astray about VSP Inc's future?  He knows the 501(c)(3) is unlikely to be granted.  Why hide entire chunks where Brian's visit is reported? Is there something online proving his brother Brian, to be elsewhere at the time!!!
Does his brother Brian James, the ex CEO of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, even realize, what little brother Gary James is even up to? Brian had better pray an English tabloid does not get wind of what is going on, because the reporters will smell blood and go for the throat!


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  1. Either Brian wasn't here, or...he wasn't supposed to be here and was. Either way...deceit is deceit. Thankfully, most of the smart people in the world know that if you have something to hide, you don't post it on the Internet. However, no one ever mistook Gary for smart. Slithery, yes but not smart. I believe it was Gary himself who used to post, "once you post something on the Internet, its there forever." We know that Gary. And we couldn't be more pleased. ;)

  2. I haven't gotten beyond the LOST 50 million pounds on a computer system....