Sunday, 10 March 2013

Quiet. Master manipulator at work

We have all see in the past couple of weeks how Gary James is quite manipulative. Just yesterday it was confirmed that the whole time he was meant to be holidaying in the UK, house hunting and such, he was actually in Connecticut, watching his page and G-d alone knows what else, from the comfort of his home office.
So one is left to ponder how many lies has he actually  created. Did big brother Brian really visit his home, did the Connecticut version of CPS really visit his home, did the police officers he named actually strip his children! Was his letter box run over and then did someone place threatening letters in it.
A man who lies about traveling overseas is more than capable of lying about everything else!

His biggest manipulation of late had to be the so called email offering $25,000 by one Francine Oliver. I received an email the day before from 'Francine' and at the time actually thought it was Gary as I had seen the comment on the A is 4 anon blog by 'Francine'. So I refused to touch it. But surprise surprise guess who posts about it the next day and proceeds to blame the Survivor community for the said email. Gee gosh never saw that one coming!!

 He produced a vimeo video explaining why Bea is the sender of the emails. If she is or isn't doesn't concern me. We only have his word that it was an email sent by Bea Hall. But this is not what concerns me.
The first problem I have is that he releases Bea's address information, that should have been confidential, to the world. He has since made the  vimeo movie private which happened after it was pointed out that it was a violation of the terms and agreements of her signing up for an iPad with A4cwsn.

The biggest problem is that the whole Vimeo video was a BIG set up. Every image on that computer was staged.
You'll notice how easily the ex A4cwsn members saw what looked like an IM at the bottom of the screen talking about getting a BJ. So easy it was posted on the survivor page.
 He knew we would notice it because we all know his very dodgy background.

Most of us have seen or heard about the famous home movie that he sent to an ex A4cwsn member in 2011. It was a SHORT movie thank fully but not one anyone would forget in a hurry!!

So naturally we mentioned it on survivor as he hoped it would be. His explanation on his page when someone asked him. It wasn't an IM but a twitter he received supposedly from Bea.

Now I don't agree with the twitter. It serves no purpose at all. But again Gary james just loves a bit of drama and loves to manipulate even more. He wanted us to see the letters BJ.  The copy of the original twitter  the letters BJ are not high lighted yet on his computer they are.
What sort of businessman/charity/non-profit invites that sort of drama onto his facebook page week after week?
A normal businessman would have sent an email back to 'Francine' and if he thought she was a fake politely told her so and proceeded to contact the police. But no! Not Gary James. He gets off on drama created by A4cwsn. There has been drama on the page since day 1. First it was Joan, now it is Francine.

So now onto Joan...poor Joan who has NEVER stepped forward to reveal her true identity!
she first rears her controversial head on the 10th of June 2011 by simply stating she believes A4cwsn is a big paid advertising site. Big deal but not to Gary James.

This is his response!!
He just cannot let the drama go. I doubt Joan exists actually. I wonder now if she is a creation of his own need for th edramatic!! I think he creates drama because that is what he lives for. A normal businessman would simply walk away from another persons opinion posted as a comment on an article or simply reply to it on the blog or the article. I have yet to see any other individual on Facebook act quite like Gary James.

Back in 2011 his dramas were simple, but bythe end of  December 2011 they had evolved to a mind boggling hate list of women who had walked away from A4cwsn after being blocked for asking for transperancy, asking a simple question or asking him to back off and clam down after attacking individuals. Posting a list such as that is the best example of drama I can show you! What other sort of situation can such a post create.

Sunsuper, which should have been a positive thing for the A4cwsn community, was created into a drama as well with him calling it a scam. 

Forget searching for all this information on the A4cwsn pages. Most of it has been deleted or hidden from the timeline. Find old cached links and have a look around. I am sure you will see a pattern emerge.
 Oh...and did I mention the terminal cancer he had back in 2011!!

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  1. This is the best 'dramedy' playing. Will be a fun yet bittersweet day when the networks cancel that asshat's series......... But I guess it would be harder to post every night at 8pm, when it's time for 'lights out' in prison.