Sunday, 3 March 2013

I can't give away an iPad.....

I am making a heartfelt plea for everyone to go and vote for Deanne Shoyer's blog over @ Circle of moms. Deanne is a loving mom of 2 autistic lads and a great blogger. Actually I think she goes beyond blogging. I have had the honor to know her since 2011 when she admined the now defunct  A4cwsn Canada site.
For those of you who have only just got to know her through the facebook page A4cwsn Survivors , Deanne has written several brilliant well written blogs concerning A4cwsn and Gary James.

So if you have not had a chance to read them, please do. I admire her writing style greatly.
But she hasn't just focused on the corruption surrounding Gary James. She has blogged about her sons, dealing with ASD, the use of the iPad with ASD kids,current affairs and apps etc 

Unlike other pages, I cannot offer up an iPad giveaway should she win or if you vote. If Deanne wins this contest it will be on her own merits. I am appealing from my heart for all of you to go out and VOTE!. Get your neighbors to vote, your kids teachers, your workmates, the guy that collects your trash every week. The guy that sells you your morning coffee! ANYONE! Tell them about this great blogger, give them the links so that they are voting from the heart. <3

Go forth Survivors and do what you do best. Be supportive. And for those who have already voted daily or when you could, I thank you for what you do. xxx

And before I is the link :)

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