Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Now you see you don't

This is the post that set off the ~ stay or should I go post~ by Gary James on A4cwsn yesterday- 11 March 2013!! Normally I would post a link to that post , but despite saying he would leave it up for 2 whole days, it barely made 1 day!!

For those who missed the comments on the post before he deleted them, here it is! This is what he DID NOT want you to see!


 He is so concerned about it he tries to deflect the whole argument onto 'fraud', 'hacking' and 'steeling' (sic).

The question  that people need to ask themselves is, why does he keep deleting posts? Why does he not want people to know that he LIED about traveling  "across the pond' to the UK???

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