Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Peeping Gary!

I am going to add a warning here. Usually I am more than happy to block out a persons name when blogging, except Gary's of course! But today I will do, what I never thought I would. I have taken the time to think long and hard and have consulted quite a few people regarding not blocking out this person's name.
 So today I will not be blocking out Beulah Wuelner's name from the blog. I think it is important, so that people can see the seriousness of her actions.
 I am a great believer in 'owning' what you say and owning your actions. Stop hiding behind the delete button. Understand the ramifications of allowing someone to use your profile to snoop. Understand the culture of bullying it has helped to perpetuate. Don't laugh it off. Gary James has a history of Internet bullying and lying. He admitted to it in a  Miami Dade court room. And you, Beulah, allowed this man to attack fellow members of the special needs community, by allowing him access to your account!?  One word SICK!

 When I read today's posts on A4cwsn that suggested that Gary used A4cwsn members private profiles (PLURAL) to spy on other A4cwsn members, ex members and developers I was not remotely surprised. Most of us have heard the rumors for quite some time concerning Gary James and his ability to convince A4cwsn members to allow him to use their profiles! Which by the way is totally 'illegal'
This is bullying from him in the most extreme. When you cannot feel safe on your own facebook page amongst your friends something is critically wrong.
Gary has created a community based on suspicion and fear. For outsiders this may seem hard to understand but this is how it is. If you drop by on A4cwsn as a casual visitor you will probably miss it. If you are looking in everyday during the correct hours you really cannot miss it.
This post below was the one which sparked today's controversy!  It was posted as a farewell by a long term A4cwsn member, who just quit A4cwsn after enduring months of bullying and exclusion by that community and Gary James.

 When Gary posted back in December 2011 that he had 100s and 100s of pages of conversations I totally believe he has, through using several member Facebook profiles and copying the messages. http://a4cwsnsurvivor.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/that-list-snapshot-of-a4cwsn-in.html (see here for those comments in the same post of the ex A4cwsn members black list)
 My thanks goes out to Beulah Wuellner for confirming that she did actually allow Gary James to use HER Facebook identity to be a Peeking Tom.  We are not just talking about an individual peoples pages only. We are talking about him just checking out  whomever Beulah had/has on her friends lists, reading her private conversations, checking out groups she may belong to and sending messages to individuals in Beulah's name. I am glad you are so trusting Beulah because I would not have been.

When I read this post  I was actually a little creeped out because it brought all the memories flooding back from early 2012. A Facebook friend happened to mention that Beulah had private messaged back in early 2012 and she was absolutely convinced it was Gary. She had previously conversed with him in pms so knew his writing style. She had never been messaged by Beulah ever.
I have since heard that other, way more disturbing messages exist  between Beulah(Gary) and other A4 members  but cannot go into that. Personally if I was Beulah I would come forth and expose him. He used her in the worst possible way and she allowed him to have a means to abuse and bully other people.

But whilst I find Beulah's actions reprehensible, I find the general reaction from the current A4cwsn community ie Judith, to be unbelievable! Her answer to the sole question of "why would G need to use your page was , "...It happened in the past , so it was ok..." (that question, by the way, was deleted by admin! surprise surprise)
If you believe honey, that he no longer cruises the pages using faithful members facebook pages, think again! I can guarantee he does and he gets off on it. So make sure you never ever say one bad word about him because he will find out!

 A big thanks to Cindy for pointing out that, not only was Beulah committing a FaceBook 'felony', she was also abusing peoples trust!  Sadly, she forgot to mention Gary's role in the whole fiasco! Gary James is relegated to the role of SOMEONE! Oh well...good thing we can all read the screenshots of this now deleted post! But I love your attempt to blame the survivor page for Beulah admitting to her's and Gary's indiscretions! Can't wait for Gary James to get back from his European 'vacation' so he can add his version of events.

But whilst I find Beulah's actions and Judith's response bewildering, I am totally creeped out by the idea of a page admin/charity/business etc needing to use someone elses facebook profile in order to sneak a peak. He really is like a peeping Tom! If he was acting honestly, would he have a need to creep around the Facebook pages of people who had left the community or to check out what app developers were saying about him?? Please take time to think about this. How many Facebook pages/ charities/businesses act like this??

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  1. Just a public service announcement - though you don't often see comments on here, it doesn't mean they aren't allowed - it's just that we generally comment on the Facebook page, because it's easier to converse there. And as always, no one is blocked from commenting and no comments get deleted, unless someone deletes their own for whatever reason.

  2. Just checking in to see how things are going. I can't believe the last post has been almost 6 years ago.