Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Where's Waldo?

So Gary Went off to the UK, house hunting, Flying Virgin Airlines apparently!

But there was no mention of a return date at all. The attention hungry Gary didn't think he would be able to make a charity auction though. Hmmm...I wonder why?

It must be super boring in the UK because a couple of days ago he scheduled his return flight. Yipee, he is/was coming home in 2 weeks time. Guess he could find a decent Indian in the UK :(

But Beulah's admission that Gary James is a cyber cross dresser and peeper/creeper created a need to 'return' earlier than expected. Stuff the decent curry search, someone has to take control of the page again. He has barely managed a full week in the UK. These James brothers don't like to visit for long. If memory serves me correct Brian was only in Connecticut for 5/6 days.

 I must say, I am sad that he has not posted any photos of his rather short UK stay. I would love to see photos of Gary James eating a curry, gary James tucking into fish and chips, Gary James having a pint at the local. I was also rather disappointed that Gary took no photos of big brother Brian (and VSP board member) when he visited The States in early February. He only took a photo of snow and him in a big eskimo coat :( 

When my husband had to race to the States to help his mom out after Superstorm Sandy he always managed to find wifi. He even face-booked me from the plane!! It was great to see where he was all the time because of the geo locator on the phone!!

Ok I admit it. Like most of us I Don't actually believe Gary is in the UK...and he is certainly not in the UK house hunting. Mind games Gary, really, is this how you treat your loyal subjects?
I think he is in his basement at home (or whatever hidy hole serves as his office), huddling over the computer, pretending to be ~ A4 Admin.

Gary James as a creature of habit. He cannot stay away from his page A4cwsn. He  has to have the ability to keep an eye on things. he has to have control.Even if he was visiting overseas, he would be online checking in. They do have internet services overseas, even in the the Bristish Isles!! There would be photos, just like there were during the 50/50/50 tour in 2011. And constant updates. And assuming he left the kids and wife at home, complaints about missing them. 

 And this is not the first time he has dropped off the radar. During the 50/50/50 tour A4cwsn moms were hysterical wanting people to ring his mobile to make sure he had not run off the raod or had an accident.  I am sure his wife was sick of it when he finally surfaced again! He told the admins of A4cwsn at the time he was having cancer treatment but most of us believe he was in Vegas spending donated dollars.

The general belief was that he had blown the money in Vegas and needed to get in more donations  in quick. Usually I am a evidence base sort of gal but I trust what the admins were saying at the time.
So seriously Gary james, if you want to convince the special needs community you were overseas, post the photo's. We would love to see a photo of you eating a curry at your local Indian, or having a pint down at the pub. A couple of Brian when he visited would be nice also......


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