Monday, 4 March 2013

Please elaborate...I forgot what I lied about!!

 A couple of weeks ago, the 18th of february to be exact, Gary James totally lost the plot as we all know. That event is on my blog if you need to see the full rant again!

It must have been all that snow in Oxford making him stir crazy because he was clearly off the planet in the month of February!

During that rant, a woman called  Mandy was quite clearly concerned about the safety of the children.
 Mandy goes on and on about a letter box that was destroyed and brings up a  threatening letter that she claims he spoke about only 2 weeks before.
It is quite clear that he has NO IDEA as to what she is talking about. But that is no surprise. Liars often forget what mistruths they have told in the past.
 If it was NOT a lie, he would have a clear memory of what he had done previously or events that HAD happened to him and more importantly, his family. It is only when we lie do we forget what we said we did. It is almost impossible to remember a lie as a real life event, especially if you continue to lie, simply because you have no real memory of the event. It never happened!
The post below is the one where he clearly has NO memory of the threats and attack on his mailbox.

I am a "need to see the evidence" sort of gal. So here it is below. The post that Mr James obviously forgot about. The post where he claimed members of the survivor page had threatened his life and the lives of his wife and kids. A post from approximately 2 weeks before! If it had happened to me I for sure wouldn't be forgetting about it in a hurry!

For some people his lies mean nothing. They don't really want to know the truth about the lie! Some people willingly not see the lie themselves and accept a mistruth as fact when the real truth is too painful to handle. That is how it is for a lot of the A4cwsn members. I remember not wanting to know. I was  quite angry at the person who opened my eyes to what was going on. I wanted to believe that a person, who would go around helping out special needs families altruistically, existed!

Mandy however saw right through his lies there and then. How terrible it must have been for her to suddenly realize, that the person she had started to trust so much, was not what he seemed.

Sadly the more I blog, the more I search through pages on the internet, the tweets, the court cases,  the multitude of banned people, FaceBook posts etc, the more it sinks in that an altruistic Gary James, does not exist. He is a figment of people's imagination.  :(

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