Saturday, 9 March 2013

He lied! How unusual!

Please take note of the dates. At first Mr Gary James refused to  sign for the letter. But USPS made him sign for it in the end. Please take note of the TIME!! This is why there are no photos of Merry old England...he was in Merry old Connecticut the whole time......
A big thanks goes out to  Lisa Neely who sent of the letter unaware he was heading off to England. This is what she had to say on survivors:
"I am the sender of the letter. It was a certified letter revoking my permission to use any of my personal information for any purpose and also demanding that he remove my personal information from any and all databases he has. My husband sent him an email with the same letter attached, which he received on Thurs. the 28th. The day before this letter was sent. Even if you decline to accept the letter, which looks to be the case, he is required to sign showing delivery... which he did on March 4th. I have to go to the PO on Monday for a print out and full documentation.... I didn't know if he was going to the UK or what, when I typed up this letter and sent it. Kind of weird how it all played out!"

I am adding the St Judes check for signature comparison. Same scribble. Thanks Gary James for providing the image of your check when you made your 'donation' to St Judes.

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  1. Liar, Liar pants are on fire!

  2. He has been caught out lying so many much more does it take for the average A4cwsn member before he/she sees the light!!

  3. lol priceless!! The proof is in the pudding