Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The elephant in the room.

Watching today's train wreck on A4cwsn today There was one question that I kept asking myself. Why can these special needs moms and dads not see the frighteningly obvious! Why can they not see the stinking great big elephant in the room?

We have proved beyond a doubt that Gary James is not beyond lying! When he claimed he was in the UK he wasn't! We have the proof in the form of a USPS signed and then refused by Gary James on the 4th of March, exactly when he was meant to be in the UK checking out property and finding the perfect curry to eat!( please read http://a4cwsnsurvivor.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/he-lied-how-unusual.html)  He played his community like a bunch of fools. But don't take our word for it just in case we manipulated the details. Here is the tracking# which is on the slip he had to sign (see on the link provided) Go to USPS.com and check it out for yourselves

We have proved beyond  a shade of doubt exactly what he thinks of special needs moms once they have served their purpose!

We have proved that he will lie about almost anything, anytime. here he is on twitter claiming A4cwsn is a nonprofit:

Then he claims he never made that claim:

We have proved that he takes information from the iPad application and has no qualms about publishing details that are meant to be confidential:


But he hasn't done it just once. he has done it numerous times:

We have provided proof concerning intimidation: 

We have proved that he has no problems with using an image without parental permission:
and again here in a photo he stole from a locked down facebook page. Gee I wonder how he got that!!! Ps th ekids are smiling and joking around in the photo. What normal parent doesn't allow their kids to do goofy stuff like that!!!:

We have proved that Gary james couldn't give a toss about Facebooks TOS. He regularly uses A4cwsn member  facebook pages to stalk and to peep into private groups/conversations with their permission. beulah Wuelner actually seemed quite proud that she allowed Gary to use her's:


We have proved that his claims that policemen stripped his kids for signs of abuse  are illegal yet he seems not to be interested in taking the troopers to court...

We have added up the donations etc including donated ipads and something is seriously WRONG!!!

We caught him out lying about who paid for all the ipads etc...apparently according to him it was him, his wife 40% and his business60%!!  http://a4cwsnsurvivor.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/more-mistruths-of-gary-james.html

He has threatened educators and special needs parents privately and does it publicly also making implications that would  there be  a huge risk seeking the truth concerning A4cwsn!

He has implied quite a few times that he has compromised computers...this is where a lot of the hacking claims come from.

We proved that VSP was de-registered a day after he claimed it was his non profit. Only then did he admit that he wasn't going ahead with VSP. I often wonder if, it had not been blogged about, how long would he have strung the A4cwsn 'community' along?? http://a4cwsnsurvivor.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/big-brother-brian-and-vsp-inc.html

 We have proved that the threatening letters he claims he was sent in january do not exist. For heavens sake, he can't even remember them!!!  http://a4cwsnsurvivor.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/please-elaboratei-forgot-what-i-lied.html

We have proved that he changes the diagnoses of his children to what is more suitable at the time. Sometimes it is 2 on the spectrum, occasionally one withASD adn  epilepsy etc. you get the idea! Ask yourself this...have you ever forgotten what your special needs child's diagnosis is??


He refuses to answer how much in cash donations, direct paypal donations etc he has managed to collect.

He constantly lies about his past. He never was a writer for the rolling stone magazine...nor was he going to be a big olympic star!!

He constantly creates drama on his page!!
Even the a Miami court judge called him a liar  and he admitted to lying! Once a liar always a liar!
(And yes...he finally agreed that the miami Gary James was him!)

Feel free to check out who has been a very naughty boy :(
CFN #2008 R 208476
CFN #2008 R 753028
CFN #2008 R 922057
CFN #2010 R 142736

He un-publishes the page without warning leaving A4cwsn members concerned and worried. Occasionally he disappears for days without warning and does not tell anyone where he is. In 2011 people were so concerned they were calling his cell phone!!

He constantly claims he will be leaving A4cwsn which is usually followed by cries of "please don't leave...where will we get an iPad from!!!" I will admit when i found this screenshot I had to look twice as it seemed so familiar!! But it is from January 2012.

So I ask myself again, armed with all the knowledge that is out there today, why do people insist on not seeing him for what he truly is??

I see educators, special needs parents, family members all posting how much they love him. Admittedly some admit they are fairly new to the whole A4cwsn scene!!
But is the promise of an iPad so great that they are willing to overlook his background.
I can understand the people who defended him in 2011...nobody had had the guts to get out there and write about who he is. Now the evidence is quite clear. 
There is an Attorney general investigation which at first he tried to say was another of the haters lies.
there are blogs out there all pointing you to evidence!
So why are we ney sayers, sore losers and evil doers? Most of us never asked Gary for anything. I personally only donated money and gave my time...others on the survivor page were admins who spent a lot of their own money and time.
These people who turn up at times like this and when ipads are on offer, very rarely post or even hang out on the page yet are happy to vouch for his goodness and honesty!! Really people! Do these people even know that once upon a time, before they even knew of Gary James's existence, that these women were praised by Gary for helping to created A4cwsn into what it was as a community!

Don't you think that the admins know something about him that you do not know. Ever wonder why the admins seems to be dropping like flies from A4cwsn??
Do you ever stop to think why Gary keeps blocking people and deleting questions if he has nothing to hide?

Now can you see the bloody great big elephant in the room??

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  1. Well done.
    Many of us weren't admin, yet still gave countless hours & resources to promote what we believed to be a worthy cause,